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Taylorcraft Journeys
Ol' Bluey to Oshkosh '08
Berlin 2008
Scotland 2007
Stoke Golding 2007
Flying in France 2007
Spence Field  2006
Wharf Farm 2006
Norway 2006
...Archived Journeys

G-BRIH restoration
The start
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G-BREY restoration
Fuselage structural work
Fuselage Fabric
Wing Structural work
Wing Fabric
Tailfeathers & Gear Legs
Doors Control Column & Panel
Final Assembly

(Diary format)

Tools used
Add'l  BREY restoration photos
Trim System Indicator
Nosebowl Grille fitting problems
My thanks to...

Taylorcraft Photo Albums
G-BREY photo album
G-BREY's history in the US
G-BRIH photo album
G-BRPX photo album
G-BVOX photo album
G-BVXS photo album
G-AHNR photo album
G-BRXS clip wing
G-BREY scale models

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Old Taylorcraft marketing material
bmep article about how to look after your new or rebuilt engin
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Brake issues updated Jul 08
some pointers on brake maintenance (500kb pdf)
Wing inspection ring positions (62kB pdf)

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